Tuesday, June 3, 2008

66,460,000 Footlong Subs

For the cost of one day in Iraq, we could buy 66,460,000 footlong sub sandwiches from Subway.

(Based on Subway's current $5 footlong promotion)

At this price, we could buy every U.S. troop currently stationed in Iraq (approximately 155,000) a footlong Subway sandwich of their choice (a filling lunch) for the next 429 days, or about a year and 10 weeks.

This might be a nice alternative to the Halliburton-provided meals that the Pentagon found in 2004 were prepared in "dirty kitchens" with "blood all over the floor" and "rotting meats and vegetables."

And you might be surprised to learn (as we were) that there are currently 19 Subway restaurants located in Iraq - so no need to worry about shipping costs or refrigeration.

Sources: Center for American Progress

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